• Adi Sugiarto

    Adi Sugiarto

    I’m a data enthusiast and a beginner in webite development

  • Osman Dennys Rafael Taipe

    Osman Dennys Rafael Taipe

  • Elfao


    Data scientist with 4 years experience.

  • Jorge Sandoval

    Jorge Sandoval

    Master in Applied Computing (Artificial Intelligence), Data Scientist, Technical Consultant and Ph.D. Student in Industrial Engineering and Systems.

  • Rizkya Nur Amalda

    Rizkya Nur Amalda

    Data Enthusiast | Mathematics Graduate |

  • Insights on Modern Computation

    Insights on Modern Computation

    A Communal initiative by Meghana Kshirsagar (BDS| Lero| UL, Ireland), Gauri Vaidya (Intern|BDS). Each concept is followed with sample datasets and Python codes.

  • Tanut Leechankul

    Tanut Leechankul

  • 💡Mike Shakhomirov

    💡Mike Shakhomirov

    BigData Engineer | Full stack dev | I write about ML/AI in Digital marketing. | linktr.ee/mshakhomirov | @MShakhomirov

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